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Eddie is looking for a friend – a friend who likes adventure. Then Eddie meets Dog and Dog wants an adventure too. So Eddie takes Dog home and the pair have a lot of fun until Eddie's mum decides that Dog can't stay as Dog needs a garden. Will Dog stay away for long? 

Eddie and Dog, Alison Brown
"Alison Brown’s debut for Little Tiger Press is brilliant, with superb artwork and a touching story of one dog’s determination to find a loving home - and one little boy’s quest to find the perfect friend."
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Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown
A redheaded boy named Eddie longs for adventure in this sweetly absurd story. ... This isn’t the kind of story in which it pays to ask “Why?”  It’s better to ask “Why not?” 
Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown
"Will Eddie and Dog become your child’s favorite book? Quit possibly so, at least until the next edition of an Eddie and Dog adventure hit bookstores. Enjoy!” 
Sketches from Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown
"This effervescent boy-and-dog tale is worth making some room on the shelf...A sweet choice for dog lovers, active children or anyone searching for a friend"
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