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Everything Possible Written By Fred Small

Based on Fred Small’s iconic folk song that became an anthem for generations, and marking its 40th anniversary, Everything Possible celebrates love and friendship, gently encouraging children to dream their own dream and choose their own path, wherever it may take them.

With a brand-new audio recording of Fred's song included.

It is with books and songs such as this one, with representations of diversity in people and paths of life as possible and also positive, that the insecurity children face out of a fear of being different from their peers can begin to be defeated...I found myself tearing up as I read and listened.  The National
While the book’s message is strong and clear, it never feels preachy. With its cozy, loving, earnest tone, it has the potential to become a go-to bedtime read. The illustrations are warm and endearing. Simple dots and lines are used to depict characters’ faces yet are expressive and sympathetic. The evocative lighting makes each image poignant.   KIRKUS REVIEW

The colourful illustrations from Alison Brown offer a visually all-encompassing unconditional loving narrative that supports both song and story, and celebrates the diversity of younger people, letting them ‘see themselves’ in the inspiring and uplifting stories.

This sensible, empowering picture book is perfect for children everywhere


Read more about the story of "Everything Possible" in an interview with Fred and Me in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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