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Little Owl's Bedtime  WRitten by Debi Gliori

Little Owl doesn't want to go to bed . . .
His pillow is too lumpy, his quilt is too hot and what is that strange snorting noise he can hear?
Perhaps one last bedtime story will help or maybe, just maybe, Mummy Owl has an ingenious way to soothe her restless Little Owl and help him get a good night's sleep . . 


January 2020 Book of the Month | A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month 

"Charming Little Owl returns for a new amusing and reassuring story about an everyday occurrence that will be familiar to all: bedtime!"


"What a gorgeous way to end the day if you have a little one...Debi’s warm text and Alison’s equally warm illustrations work in perfect harmony: who wouldn’t want to snuggle down after sharing this one?"

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