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MIGHTY MO by Alison brown

At the Golden Dodo Zoo, Mo the raccoon is bored, bored, bored. There must be something amazing he can do! It certainly isn’t making ice-creams or blowing up balloons... But when Big Ron the robber starts causing trouble, it’s up to mighty Mo to save the day!

Mighty Mo by Alison Brown
"It’s hard not to like the self-appointed “king of sprinkles” who eventually dons a red cape and finds true magnificence."
Mighty Mo by Alison Brown
"Fun and energetic, with Alison's fabulous illustrations and storytelling prowess coming to the fore. Another corker"
Mighty Mo by Alison Brown
"There's plenty to talk about in this quirky picture book and Alison Brown's colourful and lively illustrations make it a sure-fire winner with young children"
Mighty Mo by Alison Brown
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